Getting the hump in Uluru


Few things get me out of bed at 4.30am. But as the sun unfurls across the purple sky to reveal the deep red of the desert dirt, I have to admit it is worth the early start. To my right … Continue reading

How adventurous are you with food on your travels?

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My appetite is not small. Hence I have no qualms about delving into the local culture while overseas by shovelling generous portions of the national cuisine in my eagerly salivating mouth. But, although I have been known to step out of … Continue reading

Hidden treasures of Mexico City


Mexico City is home to the politically charged murals of renowned Mexican painter Diego Rivera, also known as the husband of strong-browed artista Frida Kahlo. Depicting scenes from Mexico’s history, his vast paintings can be found in buildings in the … Continue reading

Beyond the Penang curry – 5 tastes of George Town


Just the mere mention of Penang is enough to make stomachs grumble, with the island sharing its name with a dry peanut-based curry fried in coconut milk found on the menus of many Asian restaurants around the world. But there’s … Continue reading

The entrepreneurial women of Oaxaca


These are the tastiest tacos in town, Silvia tells us with pride as she piles our plates high with fried peppers and black bean-speckled rice served with a steaming side helping of freshly made tortillas which we gratefully parcel into … Continue reading

Street art spices up Penang’s historic George Town


Each Saturday night, the grey cobble stones of Armenian Street in Penang’s George Town heave with market-goers of all ages as colourful market stalls unfurl along its length selling everything from beaded earrings to pungent durian ices. The jumble of … Continue reading

My 5 favourite things about Notting Hill Carnival


Apart from Christmas, the August bank holiday weekend is the time I most hanker for home. Not for the sunshine-filled evenings spent drinking beer outside one of Soho’s many fine drinking establishments, or for long languid days sprawled on the … Continue reading

Cycling for change


Cycling 2,000 kilometres from Seattle to San Francisco on less than $3 a day doesn’t sound like most people’s idea of a dream US jaunt. But for Aussie travel entrepreneur Chris Ball, it’s the perfect way to harness his love … Continue reading

Bannisters: Where luxury flies under the radar

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When we arrive at Bannisters at Mollymook on the New South Wales south coast, we learn that the celebrated chef that runs its restaurant, Rick Stein, was there earlier in the week – we’ve just missed him. But although we … Continue reading