INSTAGALLERY: Hitting the road in WA

Carnarvon sunset

This Christmas, we ditched our annual routine of decorating trees, wrapping presents and pulling crackers, for the chance to interact with dolphins, manta rays and some rather tasty bottles of wine over in Western Australia.

With the aid of a Wicked campervan, some mozzie repellent and a truckload of sunscreen we made our way northwards along the coast for sun-drenched antics and then spun back south for a decadent finish.

This is our adventure as recorded via Instagram!

Our itinerary?

Day 1: Perth to Jurien Bay – 225km

Day 2: Jurien Bay to Monkey Mia – 629km

Day 5: Monkey Mia to Coral Bay – 580km

Day 8: Coral Bay to Carnarvon – 239km

Day 9: Carnarvon to Kalbarri – 446km

Day 10: Kalbarri to Cervantes – 377km

Day 11: Cervantes to Perth – 244km

Day 12: Perth to Margaret River region – 255km

Day 15: Margaret River region back to Perth airport and then back home to Sydney!

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