INSTAGALLERY: A glimpse of Hyderabad

Mecca Masjid

It’s easy to forget the chaotic frenzy of Hyderabad’s old town and the polished gleam of its flourishing IT hub Hitec City from up here in the grounds of the opulent Falaknuma Palace, now immaculately restored to its former glory after decades of disrepair. 

But at dawn, the call to prayer is a reminder of the city that lies at the foot of the hill. Hyderabad’s Islamic heritage is evident throughout the city – in the Charminar, Golconda Fort, Chowmahalla Palace, Mecca Masjid but also in its fragrant biryani and irani chai.

Also considered a shopping destination, the city is known for its pearls, shimmering bangles and vibrant handloom textiles.

This is my trip as recorded via Instagram.

2 thoughts on “INSTAGALLERY: A glimpse of Hyderabad

  1. Lovely instagrams. It’s making me miss India. So what was your read on Hyderbad- how many days would you recommend? I think it’s interesting that it’s Islamic vs Hindu, and that it’s a city with many palaces.

    1. It’s such an interesting city with so much going on – I reckon an action-packed 3 days or a more chilled 5 days probably enough to get a feel for it. And if you can fit in a night or two at Falaknuma Palace – highly recommend!
      When were you last in India?

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