INSTAGALLERY: Rediscovering Mumbai

It’s hard to believe that my last trip to India was 10 years ago. On that whistle stop tour of India’s vastness in 2003, Mumbai played only a fleeting role. But the train ride from the airport, squeezed in between the aching arms of dangling commuters as I absorbed the odours of rush hour, will stick sweatily in my memory forever.

I had no such experiences this time round. This visit was dominated by vivid sunsets over the Arabian sea, Bollywood spectaculars enjoyed from the reclining seats at the local cinema, sparkling rails in air conditioned shopping malls hung with brightly coloured saris. And of course, there was food. Obscene amounts of food from all over India, even from Switzerland and Mexico – it all found its way into my stomach which puffed up like a paratha.

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